viernes, 15 de abril de 2011


EL CINE Research 5 movies For each movie: List the 1.Calificación 2.Click leer más to read about the film. Translate one sentence. 3.Watch the trailer Escribe tu opinión Me llama la atención. Me interesa. Me deja frío. Me da lo mismo. Me parece un rollo. Spanish 3: Find a theatre near or closes to your neighborhood. Find out what time the movie of your choice is playing. Write a text message to your friend inviting them. Include the title of the film and a description. Use a we command. B. Translate and fill in with the movie of your choice There are no (horror, romantic, comedy, documentary) movies that I want to see. There are no children that should see ________________. There are no adults that should see _______________. No one wants to see _______________. I never want to see _______________.

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